Today, I am 30 years old.

Today, I am 30 years old.

I feel like I’ve been waiting to be 30 my whole life. I know it sounds weird but for the longest time I thought that life happens in your thirties….just like in the movies. All the cool women I wanted to be like seemed so much older and wiser but still young looking and beautiful. Today, I reflect back on the last decade of my twenties and realize how little good waiting for today really did for me. I try hard not to regret anything in life and look at everything as a learning experience rather than a failure. Still, it’s hard not to regret some of the things we’ve done…especially in our twenties. We suddenly have adult freedom without any of the adult wisdom we think we should have. A combination for potential disaster…or learning experiences, however you want to look at them.

I have had many learning experiences in the past ten years that have certainly made me wiser, yet, I suppose with this wisdom comes the knowing that I’m not that wise at all and still have so much to learn.

When I turned 29 last year, I looked ahead at 30 glaring at me and decided that I didn’t want to enter this new decade with any of the “problems” I had in my twenties. So I worked very hard on my self-coaching and have solved most of those problems with simply choosing new mindsets, new ways of thinking about my past, present, and future. Lo and behold, this is the secret to happiness and wellbeing. Do not get me wrong when I say this, as I don’t want to come across as having figured everything in life out, cuz I don’t! I still have thought errors that will keep me spinning in anxiety and fear for no good reason…on a regular basis. However, I now know that this suffering is all a choice and in my control. These thoughts are optional and when I set my mind to coaching myself through these issues, I come out of the fog so much more quickly and most of the time without self-sabotaging. Most of the time.

In this past year I’ve created so much abundance and love in my life. I’ve manifested things, opportunities, and people to me I couldn’t have imagined I had the power to do when I was just a little girl watching those women in movies and TV. I finally feel like my own real, vulnerable life is so much better than those stories. My own story is what matters most to me.

I’ve learned to let go of questioning why things are the way they are and simply focus on contributing more and loving more.

The questions I ask myself now are:

How will I create more joy in this life?

How will my future self be proud of me and the work I’m doing today?

How can I Love more?

What would Love do?

How can I move toward Love every day?

So, I’ve come to look at this new decade ahead right in the eye, with solid feet on the ground, a wildly passionate heart, and a clear mind full of creativity, ready for more!

Onward, upward, and loveward.

Future Focus

I had a dream last night that my body was the shape that I’m working towards and it was amazing. I woke up with this feeling of such peace yet nervous excitement I could hardly stand it. I just stayed in bed allowing the feelings to wash over me.

Then I realized I had to get up and go to work. Happy Hump Day! 🙂

So, I’ve been thinking about it all morning. This idea of feeling how you want to feel in the future right now. How that it is truly the magic recipe for creating the life of your dreams. I’m experiencing some amazing things happening in my life because not so long ago I was thinking ahead to right now and how I wanted to feel.

This is how the world works, apparently.

You visualize, think thoughts and feel feelings your future self would be thinking and feeling, and then allow the how to show up, taking each next appropriate action toward that future.

Can it be that easy?

Well, yes. Try it. What have you got to lose?

Has there been a time in your life where you can see how this process worked for you? For others?

I would love to know! Comment below and share your manifesting stories!

20 Pounds GONE!

I’m proud to announce that I’ve officially lost 20 pounds as of this morning!! Avoiding sugar and flour along with intermittent fasting works you guys. That doesn’t mean I’ve 100% avoided those white, powdery culprits as I’ve let some life into my living but every time I ate off protocol I was conscious of it and 90% of the time it was planned in advance. No losing control for a whole weekend after one rogue meal. It’s okay to just jump right back on path the very next meal.

Another lesson I’ve learned in the past few months is that weight loss progress is never a straight line down the bar graph for me. I lose a few pounds quickly and then nothing for a week or two, then lose another one or two, then up one or two, then lose a few again. It’s up and down and I’m okay with that now. I’ve let go of the the imagined timeline of when I should lose all my weight and I’m just enjoying the process of loving myself into wellness.

It really is amazing to be living a life where my thoughts are not consumed with food and when I’m going to get to eat next. I know that with letting my body burn its own fat stores by not eating sugar and flour, it can go hours and hours without food and be fine. I’ve noticed when I see the most significant drops in weight is when I’m working out fasted. I typically only eat between the hours of 12pm-8pm. Sometimes I continue a longer fast and not eat until dinner by skipping lunch. Sometimes I eat only lunch and no dinner. I rarely have times where I feel like I have “low blood sugar” and have to eat immediately. If I go to a party or event where there isn’t any food I’m willing to eat, it’s okay because I can just go without food and not feel deprived or starving the whole time.

That is what freedom feels like. It’s amazing.

I have more weight loss goals, of course, but I’ve let go of beating myself up should my imagined timeline not come to fruition. Weight loss is both an art and a science. It’s tricky and challenging but oh so worth it!

Here’s to the next twenty!



Half Light, Half Darkness

I was thinking about how I’m so ready for cold weather which lead me to remember this past Christmas that I spent in Colorado, and how with the cold comes dry skin and sniffles. Why do I want the cold weather so badly when I hated how my skin was after a day of skiing? I miss the thrill of being so cold and the getting warm afterwards. Do you know what I mean?

Then it got me thinking about how we will lay out by the pool in July, getting super hot and sweaty so that when we dip into the pool it’s even more exhilaratingly cold.

It’s not that I so much enjoy being hot or cold but it’s the thrill of the relief of each. As much as I think I would love to live in 75 and sunny every day, I know it would get kinda boring without any variety. The cool breeze and warm sunshine wouldn’t be as amazing if there weren’t any cold and rainy days. 

What if this is like how in life we experience some super sadness as well has the highest bliss? We can’t have one without the other. Life will never be 100% sadness or 100% bliss. It’s balanced by each other like yin and yang, dark and light, Winter and Summer. Where we add onto the dark half with more suffering is when we think we should have 100% bliss. When we think we shouldn’t experience pain, sadness, anxiety, grief, loneliness. When we try to protect ourselves and our loved ones from ever hurting or feeling scared. It makes sense that our brains would tell us to protect ourselves and stay alive, of course, but in order to evolve we must push past our comfort level. In order to experience the light we have to know what darkness is.

I think about how my mom used to describe giving birth to me. Her eyes would light up. She says she can remember the pain so vividly and how when you’re in labor the pain makes you think you’re going to die but as soon as the baby comes, not only does the pain just go away but there’s this surge of joy never experienced before. For her, the pain is worth it and she would do it over and over to be able to experience the joy of her daughters.

It’s hard to see so much pain in the world. It breaks my heart into a million pieces when I see homelessness, hunger, illness, disease, murder, but I know it’s all part of it. I can act from a place of love and compassion to help and be a part of the solution but it will serve no one if I act from a place of scarcity, fear, anger and anxiety, thinking “this should never happen.”

You might be thinking, “How could she say that? Does that mean murder SHOULD happen!?”

Of course not. I would never wish for evil things to happen…I just know that they will. Me saying they should not happen does not stop them from happening. So my sadness is for the thing that happened but not for sadness itself. I don’t want to add onto the pain with more grief and despair for the world. I acknowledge and grieve for what’s happening AND continue to believe the world is full of beauty and wonder as well. Otherwise, being such a sensitive empathic person, I will fall into a pit of darkness. It’s way too easy for me to go down that road so I continue to look for the light. Where’s the beauty? Where’s the joy? I want to live fully and authentically and that comes with both sides of the coin, both extremes of emotion and everything in between.

I am sending love and light to the world today and every day. My hope is that you can take the time to grieve any loss you’re experiencing, move through the pain, and then turn your face up towards the light of the world, whatever that looks like for you, however long it takes. 

Love, love, love.

Me and You

At this point I feel like I can talk about a lot of personal stuff in my life without getting too embarrassed. I’ve come to understand how we all go through the same things, just different flavors of it. However, there is one thing I’ve made myself believe is too much to share…so here goes! I have a true desire to find my person. For the last couple of years I’ve tried very hard to stifle this desire and to actively harden my heart so that I wouldn’t have to feel the desire and not be able to control that outcome or work any harder towards it, like I can with so many other desires. I tried to be the “cool girl” and be fine with casual dating and not ever saying the supposed dirty word “relationship” around guys in fear of them thinking I wanted to get married today or that I would try to trap them. Neither are true, by the way.

So through my self-exploration and self-coaching, I understand that being vulnerable and willing to feel all of the emotions that come up is what it means to live the human experience and that part of my life is going to feel like crap. It’s okay for me to have a desire to build a life with someone and not have that someone here yet. It’s okay for me to want somebody to love while I’m loving myself. There will be times of loneliness and it’s okay to feel it out.

While opening myself up to this idea I’ve been feeling this emotion of missing someone whom I haven’t even met yet. It’s hard to describe. We tend to miss past boyfriends and lovers, even though we know the relationship transitioned for a purpose, and remember the beautiful feelings we had with them. I’m feeling more than that though. I’m embracing the full wanting and full not-knowingness of it all. It’s knowing deep in my heart that my desires are a compass to my self-actualization and my purpose here on Earth, and being okay with not having them fulfilled just yet. With this new openness a little poem came out of me. I haven’t written any poetry in years. I suppose it’s a simple love letter to my person, wherever he is, and the kind of life I both long for and “miss” with him.


Me and You

coffee and books

crannies and nooks

photos and frames

candles and flames

warm towels and baths

whispers and laughs

songs and road trips

hugs and fingertips

sweat and skin

raindrops and tin

friends and dance floors

family and seashores

chakras and stones

muscles and bones

elephants and dogs

travel and blogs

crafts and arts

stops and starts

beards and white tees

lashes and worn jeans

mornings and flowers

evenings and hot showers

truths and dares

kisses and stares

golds and browns

ups and downs

pinks and blues

mountain tops and views

births and deaths

tears and deep breaths

tried and true

me and you

Scar Tissue

I’ve started doing massage again and it has me thinking a lot about the body and its incredible powers to heal itself. I remember in the first couple months of massage school we learned about scar tissue and how it’s formed. I just happened to have completely knocked my knee out of place on a party bus. A story for another time! It was so fascinating to me because without directing it, my body goes into action and protects me. Such a beautiful thing.

However, scar tissue, as you probably know very well, is not pretty. Scar tissue on the outside where you can see it or on the inside where you don’t, can cause future issues if not addressed. The very thing that naturally and beautifully protects us can cause us harm. How can this be?

In massage therapy, we learn how the emergency of the injury alerts the body to start the healing process and basically sends in all the tissue cells necessary to bind up the area. But it doesn’t do it in a slow or organized way. It’s not in there for decoration. It’s in there getting to work. So we end up with a chaotic collection of tissue. Secure but messy. This is great because without it we would have all kinds of problems. With it, we have survival. Wonderful.

So what’s the harm? Where are the problems? With a ton of unaddressed, un-massaged scar tissue, you can have limited range of motion, stiffness, chronic pain, and even further injury to other body parts due to compensation for the injury. You’ve had this happen right? You sprain an ankle and while limping around babying it you then start to get a sore back? Our bodies are designed to balance themselves out so if we’re off, they go to work to make it right.

Why is all of this so interesting to me? Well, now that I’ve been studying our brains so much I see a correlation between our physical scar tissue and our animal instincts to protect and survive, and how in order to evolve beyond basic survival we have to move through that pain to get to the other side. To not only survive, but to thrive.

Listen, massaging old scar tissue is some of the worst pain. It is hard work to try to align old, sticky tissue that is bound up in a ball. It takes hours of massage over a period of time. But when you finally break it all up and let your body realize it doesn’t need it anymore, the freedom from the pain is amazing.

That’s how moving through your mental scar tissue can be. It’s not very pretty and it’s certainly painful. But oh man is it worth it!

The very mechanisms that your brains have in place to protect you, fear, anxiety, desires, etc. can cause a lot of harm if untamed. Fear from a tiger chasing you in the wild is beautiful protection when we were living in caves and evolving to where we are now. That fear now comes out when we have to turn in a paper for school and we’re afraid of getting a bad grade. Totally irrational. But there are kids out there committing suicide from the stressors at school. The desire to eat food and have sex to keep our human race going is wonderful but overused and abused we have obesity and porn addictions.

And when we decide to make changes in our modern lives, the inspection of all of the drama, pain, anxiety, or disease that we have created ourselves can be such a painful process, we would rather just quit and keep living a life of low-grade despair because at least we know it’s secure and familiar, like that old ball of scar tissue in our shoulder.

I vote for evolving beyond that. I want a life that I wake up excited about every day. I’m done with limping around physically and emotionally. It’s too heavy of a burden.

Are you carrying around old scar tissue you no longer need? Let’s try letting it go. Let’s work it out and see how freedom really feels.



Thanks for reading!!! I love to hear back from readers. What do you think about this topic? Have you had similar experiences? What helped you the most? Please comment below!

*I do not make any money off of this blog. I don’t get any kickbacks from products or books I write about. Just sharing the love!

Onward and Upward!

Years ago, my Aunt Terri was telling me about a quote she read from a book, something about “if you’re not going up, you’re doing down” and it stuck with me. During that period of time I was definitely in growth mode, trying to learn everything I could about life, love, and dance.

The past three years, however, I went through this period of an illusion of going up, in my “career”, but turns out that my loyalty and devotion to a company isn’t always rewarded in turn as expected. I had ignored myself personally so I could be the best Office Manager there was and then when I moved “up” into an HR role I gave of myself even more, even when I didn’t think it was possible. I was getting paid more, given more responsibility, and without any direction from my manager whatsoever I was on my own, navigating my professional career. I had no idea what I was really doing because I wasn’t listening to myself at all. Personally, I was going down. Way down.

I floundered from plan to plan trying to figure out what my purpose was. Do I go back to school and get this degree or that one? Do I get more certifications in HR? Do I just sell everything and go to school in Germany?  Do I just move to Mexico and live on a beach? Do I go get a real estate license?

None of these things truly spoke to my heart and soul. I couldn’t hear. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t feel.

I just knew I had to get out of this space of chaos.

I had recently learned that it’s best to learn to be happy no matter where you are, relationship, workplace, etc. before you make a move. Otherwise, you will always be searching for happiness outside of yourself.

So I worked on my happiness. I started my self-coaching program. I found inner happiness, inner peace, and inner truth.

I began my search for other jobs.

And as beautifully as I knew the Universe works in my favor, I wouldn’t have expected the next turn of events. The day I had my first in person interview scheduled with a new company was the day three dozen employees, including me, got laid off.

Well, that solves that!

I was sad for about 10 whole minutes when I got home unusually early from work that morning. Charlie was happy!

I knew that this was for me, not against me, and that I had to get my mind right for my interview that afternoon.

I could not have planned or worked out more perfectly how the following three weeks proceeded, how I got the job, when I started the job or how I was then given the beautiful gift of my new manager. Truly a breath of fresh air to have a competent, compassionate, and super smart lady to report to. Not only is this position something I can easily do but she wants me to learn and grow both professionally AND personally. There’s time and room here for me to focus on me…not just keeping employees well fed and caffeinated at the expense of my own well-being.

During these few months of chaos-free, stress-free, and anxiety-free living, I can finally hear myself. I can see more clearly now. I can feel who I really am.

And things are just falling into place. As I open up to truly living more and more each day I feel like I’m finally on my way back up. I’ve cleared the stagnant waters, washed clean, and filled up with an abundant flow of energy. My passions for wellness, massage, yoga, and dance have all been re-ignited. It feels so amazing.

I’m a new sponge, soaking up more and more knowledge and experience, and I just love the idea of sharing these insights and gifts with other people seeking change, growth, and healing in their own lives.

My life is no longer about my job. My life is about my contribution to the world as my whole self. Sometimes it’s messy and ugly. Sometimes it’s clean and beautiful.

But it can always be truly me.

Onward and upward!


Thanks for reading!!! I love to hear back from readers. What do you think about this topic? Have you had similar experiences? What helped you the most? Please comment below!

*I do not make any money off of this blog. I don’t get any kickbacks from products or books I write about. Just sharing the love!