About Emily

Hi, I’m Emily Rose Heyer! I grew up in San Antonio, TX, moved to the Austin area in 2006, and have lived here ever since. Throughout my life, I’ve always been interested in healing, personal development, entertaining, exploring, and helping people. I knew early on that I was meant to be a teacher, an artist, a helper, an inspirer. I’ve had many aspirations, many “jobs” and some failed entrepreneurial attempts.  For work, I’ve held helping types of positions ultimately entering the HR/People Operations field in the software industry over the last 6 years. Thankfully, I learned about Life Coaching a couple years ago and a light went on in my soul.

At the time, I was in a very dark place. After some relationship failures, no longer trusting my intuition or anyone else, and no longer seeing my own worth in the world, I couldn’t see a reason to live any longer. I wanted to die. But still thinking as the people pleaser that I was, I tried to think of ways I could “accidentally” die so that no one would be disappointed in my suicide. My shame was so deep that I didn’t want to let people down even after I was gone. Luckily, a coworker who was also a life coach turned me on to a podcast, The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo. It saved me. Episode after episode I soaked up more and more hope that I could be in charge of my feelings and my life, and that depression wasn’t a life sentence. I could live again.

Three months later, I joined Self-Coaching Scholars, Brooke’s monthly coaching program. After two years of studying my own thoughts, feelings, actions, and results, my life changed more than ever before. I lost weight, met my now husband, started a family (baby boy coming in July!), AND through the Integrative Life Coach Academy with Kim Guillory, I am now a Certified Life Coach myself.

My ultimate goal as a coach is to show people the way out of their own deep, dark caves of depression, self-pity, anger, resentment, grief, and unworthiness by taking a look at what’s going on inside the brain, holding space and allowing emotions to process, and to start to make real, lasting change, creating the results we’ve only dreamt of. That’s why I am so focused on healing relationships and most importantly the relationship with the self. Without my inner self-worth, I would literally be a goner by now.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading my story! If any of this resonates with you and you’d like to find out I can help you on your journey, check out the Work With Me page to schedule a free consultation.

Onward and upward, my friends! 🙂