In a continuous drive towards a more intentional, minimalist lifestyle, I don’t encourage buying stuff you don’t need. I have stopped a lot of my own unconscious buffering myself by not shopping at my dear homeland, Target. I don’t believe in buying stuff for “just in case.” Make sure the item will add value to your life and you have a plan to use it.

Another way of “shopping” when you want to revamp your stuff is to shop your own house! I love to go around rearranging decorations, furniture, lamps, etc. to feel like I’ve livened up the place. I also like to try on clothes I haven’t worn in a while and add them back into the daily mix if they still fit and I enjoy wearing them.

Another great way to shop your own stuff is to recreate jewelry from broken pieces. Over the years I’ve fixed and upcycled many pieces of jewelry and it’s one of my favorite ways to create. Especially for gifts because all it costs me is a little time and love. And I have plenty of the latter!

What are some objects in your home that could use some rearranging or upcycling?


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