What Is Wellness?

When I think of “wellness” I think of well-being vs. happiness. A state of well-being is an even, long lasting sense of wholeness and contentment. Happiness seems more fleeting. In my practice, I aim for living on a path of wellness not just to wellness. I like to ask questions such as “How can I live my best life, listening to my higher self, in this moment?” Or “What can I do today to prepare myself for a better tomorrow that aligns with the idea of wellness?”

I want to guide people on this path of wellness through a variety of tools and modalities. Whether it’s through the mind, physical body, or energy, I can help you move toward a life of well-being and wholeness.

To learn more about my Massage Therapy, Reiki, and Life Coaching, contact me at emily@emilyrosewellness.com.

Peace and love, my friends!


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